Mindful Bliss

Don’t DO Anything.

There is no need to fix or change anything about yourself to become more present. To allow everything to be as it is and stay in a mindful, meditative state while things come and go allows the old, heavy mental processes to fall away .

Even though we may know a little of this or that we really don’t know enough to try and fix ourselves. By trying to fix ourselves all we are doing is growing into a new character / creation based on our limited knowledge of what we feel would make us happy. It takes you on a new path of your own creation instead of what is truly real in the present moment. The blissful joy that is already inherent inside you.

When we simply relax, allowing our thoughts and ideas to come and go in a compassionate way, all of our conditioning, programming, and creations from throughout our lives falls away or lessens and we are able to live in the true bliss and experience of life.

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