Mindulness in the workplace

Mindfulness in the Workplace

The practice of mindfulness has been shown to have many benefits. One of the places where mindfulness can have a significant positive impact is in the workplace. Every day in the workplace, we are working our way through hundreds of emails, phone calls and tasks. When there are deadlines looming, it can be hard to focus on what is right in front of you. However, when you are able to practice mindfulness in the workplace, you will find that your productivity will increase, and it will be easier for you to focus on the work you need to complete in the moment.

How to Practice Mindfulness in the Workplace

Though the workplace may often be a chaotic environment, you can still find opportunities to practice mindfulness and focus on the present moment. One way you can do this is to focus on your breathing. Take long deep breaths in and out and compassionately reflect on what is taking place around you.

Another way to practice mindfulness in the workplace is to notice actions that are usually automatic. For example, when you are walking to a meeting, direct your attention to how your feet feel touching the ground. When you wash your hands, pay close attention to the temperature of the water and how the soap feels on your skin. It can make a big difference in your day to spend just a few moments here and there paying attention to the small details of things that are going on around you.

Once you have begun improving your day in the workplace with mindfulness, you may wish to teach others about what it is and how they can experience it. Explain how mindfulness benefits you throughout the day and give your coworkers the tools to develop their own mindfulness practices. The more people in your workplace that practice mindfulness, the more harmonious the environment may become.

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