Thinking Mindfully

You are Not your Thoughts.

As you start becoming more aware of your environment, you may start to become more aware of your thoughts as well. Thoughts are an interesting phenomenon, especially if you give them energy and more thoughts to back them up.

It’s important to understand that we are not our thoughts.

Our thoughts are an accumulation of ‘thought-stuff’ throughout our lives. What is this thought stuff that I just made up? Exactly that. Most of the things we do have been created by others, whether physically or mentally.

Therefore unless we have a serious injury to our prefrontal cortex to turn us into a serial killer, or some other real disease, most of the fear that enters our life or thoughts that we have identified as ourselves are mainly made up.. not real.

Our lives and perspective on things can change in an instant, let alone a month, a year, 50 years, and so on. If you can completely change your view on something isn’t that true for everything?

It’s important that we take a close look at our belief processes and thought patterns to find out what is true and what has just been shoved into our brains through conditioning.

Don’t trust me or anyone else’s “factual” opinion – see for yourself what is true and what is made up. I mean, you are living your life based on these things. Making sometimes serious decisions based on your thoughts about any given situation. Don’t you want to be making the right decisions, especially if they can be effecting your quality of life? I know I do.

So when thoughts come up, don’t suppress them or talk back to them saying ‘You are FALSE!’. That will just make the situation worse. Watch them without controlling them, compassionately just sit and allow them to come and go with no judgement.

Whether they carry a charge of negative energy, positive energy, a kick in the groin, and so on… just watch and allow everything to take place on its own.

They cannot survive with your awareness.

We will be talking more about this in future posts, so for now here is a video that you may find very helpful to round off this topic:

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